How is your home priced?

It’s going to be all about how you prepared to get your home ready to sell, as discussed above, in order to establish how your home will be priced and and at what price point when selling fast is in your plans. The selling price of your home and it’s price point will either set you apart from your competition or nestle you amongst your competition, as long as your home stands out. (Below we go into further detail about your competition.) How you decide to price your home when it first hits the local Real Estate market for sale, can make a huge difference in how quickly you will attract prospective Buyers to your home and how quickly those Buyers will submit an offer to buy your home. In fact, your initial price can even attract many Buyers. Wouldn’t it be great to sell your home fast having a selection of attractive offers in which to choose from?! I’m sure I know your answer.

Who is your competition?

Your competition will play a large role in how fast your home sells. What neighbors have their homes up for sale? How do they compare to your home? And how you settle in or stand out from them can make all the difference in the world in how fast you sell your home. You’ll want to knock out the competition.

Buyers will be searching for homes that match their wants and needs. To begin with, they’ll be searching for homes within a particular price range, as this is what they know they can afford. They’ll seek out certain features such as bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, home style, finishes, age, functionality and location of home, to name a few. The Buyers are going to be comparing these features of all the homes that are currently for sale and how these features compare to your home. This is the time, where setting aside your emotional attachment to your home can really benefit your ultimate list price, as your home needs to be valued according to the particulars that I’ve mentioned above. Know that it must be an apples to apples comparison and not a Mansion to Shack comparison. I know that one’s man Shack can be another man’s Mansion, but for the principals of home selling we have to look at actual fair market values of the Mansion or Shack and not emotionally felt values. Sometimes, homeowners feel they live in a Mansion when in reality it is not. Granted, my example is extreme, yet it makes my point of comparison to be better understood.

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